T1A Transmitter

The CD42-T1A is a durable stainless steel transmitter manufactured to exacting tolerances by CDI. It can be mounted in or on almost any type of pipeline pig and is recommended for pipeline diameters from 8" to 28".

This transmitter is guaranteed to operate for a minimum of 500 hours on 6 AA-Cell batteries. Lithium batteries can be substituted when longer life is required or greater transmission strength is necessary. For long offshore commissioning projects where pigs can be in the line for months and years, a pressure switch option is available.

The tiny computer in the CD42-T1A allows you to easily switch between three stock transmission patterns, or if you're tracking a train of pigs the transmitter can be programmed to create any number of unique and easily identifiable patterns.

Whether rented or purchased, the CD42-T1A comes with:

  • Stainless steel transmitter
  • Removable Aluminum flange kit
  • 6 alkaline 1.5V AA-Cell batteries
  • Spare O-rings
  • Knurled Hand-Removable Cap
  • Optionally: Pressure Activation Kit
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