Pipeline Pigging Accessories

Pipeline Pigging AccessoriesDrinkwater Products carries replacement parts for your pipeline pigs. Whether you need replacement urethane cups or discs for your steel body pig or brushes for a cast-urethane pig, we have what you need. View our full line of Pipeline Pigging Accessories below.

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Urethane blades provide the tough scraping action necessary to remove soft internal deposits.


Brushes are used for cleaning the interior of the pipeline where wax, asphaltenes, scale, salt, sand or debris are present. Drinkwater Products provides a full assortment of brushes to fit steel-mandrel and solid-cast pigs. Brushes are available in multiple materials (carbon steel, stainless steel, prostran) and multiple types (round wire, flat wire, pencil brushes).

Cups & Discs

Drinkwater Products cups and discs are made of the highest quality materials for maximum abrasion resistance, elongation, sheer strength and chemical resistance to assure the best performance under the largest variety of pipeline conditions. Center-hole and bolt-circle dimensions can be customized to fit any pig body on the market, making them the ideal replacement cups and discs. Our cups and discs are designed to maintain a positive seal while also supporting the pig body. Multiple durometers are also available for specific applications. Cups and discs can be made out of urethane, neoprene and nitrile. The cups and discs are available in a full range of diameters up to 56". 



Gauge Plates

Gauging plates are used for checking out-of-round pipes, dents or anomalies in the line. The most common material used is aluminum but steel is also available. For added information, slots can be cut into the plate to allow for better knowledge of the damaged area. Gauge plates can be made to any requested OD and to fit any steel body bolt hole circle pattern.


Magnets are often mounted on the body of the pig to pick up any metallic debris that might be in the pipeline. Drinkwater Products offers several varieties of magnets that can be fitted to most pigs.

Pig Baskets

Drinkwater Products can design pig baskets to your specifications. These pig baskets catch pigs as they enter the receiver barrel and help prevent the pigs from going down your bypass line.

Pig Washer

Our Pig Washer allows for pipeline companies to efficiently clean and maintain pigs at their facility. Our pig washer saves you time by not having to spend hours removing paraffin, asphaltenes, black powder and other unwanted debris from your pig. It also saves you money by not having to pay a third party company to come and clean your pigs. Lastly, the regular cleaning of your pipeline pigs extends the life of your pig by removing harmful pipeline debris from the pig itself.

We have 5 standard models to choose from or you can have an unit custom designed to handle diameters up to 72” and weights up to 50,000 pounds.

Our pig cleaning systems come equipped with the following:

  • Vertical Pump Systems
  • Low Water Shut-Off / Auto Water Fill
  • Swing-Away Spray Manifolds
  • Industrial Quality Immersion Heaters
  • Industrial Controls with Lighted Switches
  • Mechanical Door Seals
  • Large Swing-Out Doors for Full Access
  • Removable Stainless Steel Basket Trap
  • Bushed Stainless Steel V-Jet Nozzles
  • Disc Style Stainless Steel Oil Skimmer
  • Two Channel Programmable 7 Day Time, Controls Heat & Skimmer

We can customize your pig cleaning system by adding the following equipment:

  • Oil Coalescing System
  • Stainless Steel Construction Package
  • Particulate Bag Filtration
  • Recirculating and Fresh Water Rinse Stages
  • Ambient and Heated Blow Off Stages
  • Sludge Extraction and Steam Exhaust Systems
  • Pump, Heat and Weight Capacity Upgrades
  • Gas and Steam Heat Options
  • Insulation Packages
  • Electrical Service Disconnect
  • Dual Turntable Options
  • High Pressure / Flow Pumps
  • Compressed Air Blow-Off

 Gear Drive Turntable Industrial Controls  Gas and Steam Heat Options
Gear Drive Turntable Industrial Controls MCC3000 Pump
Stainless Steel V-Jet Nozzles Stainless Steel Oil Skimmer "V” Notch Doors
Nozzle Oil Skimmer V Notch Doors


PigginPoles (standard set) consist of three sections pinned together for a total length of 18'. One end of the pole has a four-inch round ram, making it easy to seat the pig, and the other end has a hook for easy pig retrieval. Optional handle makes handling the pigs even easier.

Pipeline Pigging Dust Bag

Pipeline Pigging Dust Bags eliminate environmental pollution arising from pigging a pipeline with nitrogen or air by catching pipeline pigs, dust particles, mill scale and other construction debris. The dust bags can contain objects as small as 5 microns. The heavy-duty polyester felt has good abrasion resistance and is secured around the discharge pipe with a draw-string type closure.

Sizing Rings

Drinkwater Products sizing rings are built from lightweight, durable aluminum. The inside diameter is machined to a specified size to allow the operator to easily check and reproduce the proper inflation sizing of pipeline and prover spheres for use.

At the time of an order, the customer will need to furnish the nominal pipe inside diameter and percentage interference. For example a 8" Standard Wall Pipe = 7.981” ID, with a 3% interference, yields a desired sizing ring diameter of 8.22”. Or, if the actual internal diameter of the ring is known, the finished part can be cut to the specified size.

Sizing rings are available for the full range of inflatable spheres.

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