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tdw pigging productsWhen it comes to pipeline operation and maintenance, pigging offers immense value. As the owner or operator of a pipeline, you can use TDW pigging products to extend the life of your line, protect the purity of your product, and remove unwanted debris and water or product from the line in preparation for use, inspection, troubleshooting and decommissioning. Drinkwater Products is a proud carrier of TDW pigging products.


TD Williamson is a global provider of one of the widest ranges of pigging solutions and purpose-built pipeline pigs and has been a leader in the industry for over sixty years. That’s why Drinkwater Products carries the brand. Drinkwater Products delivers custom solutions to your pipeline needs, including cleaning, gauging, batching, or liquid displacement. TDW pigging products are available in a range of diameters to meet specific product and pipeline demands.


Drinkwater Products offers:


  • Batching pigs
  • Scraping and cleaning pigs
  • Gauging pigs
  • Liquid displacement pigs
  • Specialty pigs
  • Pig launching and receiving equipment
  • Pig washer equipment
  • Pipeline closures
  • Pig tracking equipment and transmitters
  • Replacement components


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Pipeline Launcher and Receiver Animation

Featured Solutions of Drinkwater Products showcasing TDW Products


Some of the most common pigging solutions we carry from TD Williamson include:


Pig Signal Indicators


TD Williams delivers a wide range of pig signal indicators (or PIG-SIGs) and pipeline tracking devices that contribute to the success of your pigging activities. This equipment enables you to be aware of the location of your pipeline pig at all times. It makes it accessible in the event of it becoming stuck, thus reducing downtime and alleviating frustration. 


Intrusive TDW Pig Sig V 


This scraper passage indicator is installed at prescribed intervals to detect the passage of a sphere or pig along the line. 




The PitBoss™ pipeline cleaning pig has been specifically designed to remove soft to medium-hard deposits from internal pits. It also services as an excellent general purpose cleaning pig.


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