X200 AA-Cell Transmitter Family (6" - 18")

Multi-Frequency TRAXALL Transmitter

The X200 transmitter family are CDI's small-sized TRAXALL compatible electromagnetic transmitters. This family consists of two transmitters which house either 2 or 3 AA-Cell batteries. These transmitters have both user-adjustable frequency and output power through the use of CDI's FieldLink wireless communications system. Using CDI's TRAXALL transmitters, an operator may have direct control over battery life vs. strength tradeoffs. Short pig runs can go for maximum power and long pig runs can be more conservative with pulsing modes and/or reduced power.

Frequency Control

Frequency control of the X200 family allows an operator to configure these transmitters to one of TRAXALL's 7 colorized frequencies, or optionally use the industry standard 22Hz legacy frequency. 22Hz mode provides full backward compatibility with CDI's CD42 receiver (and competitive receivers as well).

Power Control

Power control of the X200 transmitters allows the operator to directly manage the tradeoff between range of the transmitter versus its battery life. For short runs the output power (transmitter strength) can be set to maximum at the expense of battery life, and for long runs the same transmitter could have its output power reduced to achieve extraordinary battery life. Power may be varied easily and wirelessly using CDI's FieldLink Configurator program.


FieldLink is CDI's proprietary wireless communications network. Each X200 family transmitter comes with a built-in radio frequency antenna (pictured above). By connecting to the transmitter with our proprietary radio frequency USB key (sold separately), any Windows PC or laptop can wirelessly communicate to and configure the transmitter.

Operating pressure of all standard X200 transmitters is 2,500 PSI [172 bar].

Whether rented or purchased, all X200 transmitters come with:

  • Optionally flanged stainless steel X200 transmitter
  • Appropriate number of Alkaline 1.5V Type AA-Cell batteries
  • Spare O Rings

This family of devices is covered under United States Patent number 9172406.
European Patents applied for.

Recommended Line Sizes:



6" - 24"

8" - 28"

[152mm - 610mm]

[203mm - 711mm]


All Models:


[172 bar]









All Models: 1.125" [28.58mm]

Battery Life:

All Models:

22Hz Pulsing:


500 hrs @ 100% power

188 hrs @ 100%

Note: Users may significantly increase battery life of all
X-Series transmitters by using CDI's FieldLink to lower output power and/or alter the transmitter's pulse/continuous mode or frequency used.

Note: Battery life quoted is worst-case.

Open Air






37 ft [11.3m]

49 ft [14.9m]


42 ft [12.8m]

56 ft [17.1m]


All Models:

304L Stainless Steel

Electronics Temp Range:

All Models:

-40°F to 140°F [-40 °C to 60 °C]

(temperature range may be limited by battery selection)

End Caps:

All Models: Knurled Screw Off Caps
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