Poly-Ply™ plastic wrapper consists of three membranes of .5-mil clear, 50 gauge, clear, polyvinylidene chloride plastic, high-cling membranes, wound together as a single sheet. It provides a mechanical and electrical barrier over Temcoat™ or #1 Wax-Tape® while remaining flexible enough to conform to irregular shaped surfaces. It is inert and will not deteriorate, and is resistant to chemicals and bacteria commonly found in soil.

End Use

As a wrapper over cold-applied Temcoat coating on straight pipe and irregular metal surfaces, such as T's and Couplings.

Application Procedures

Pre-apply Temcoat coating and wrap form Poly-Ply wrapper over the coated surface.


  • Coreless rolls in cartons containing 50 sq. yds.
  • 4" x 50' rolls (27 rolls/carton)
  • 6" x 50' rolls (18 rolls/carton)
  • 9" x 50' rolls (12 rolls/carton)
  • 12" x 50' rolls ( 9 rolls/carton)
  • 18" and 36" widths available by special order.


  • 3-ply composition for extra mechanical strength
  • High dielectric strength
  • Conforms to irregular shapes
  • Composed of inert plastic film that will not deteriorate
  • Resistant to chemicals and bacteria
  • Convenient size of roll
  • Relatively inexpensive
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